Intersectional Feminism: Wonder Woman, Palestinians, Wakanda and Zionism

I have not been able to gather my thoughts exactly on the subject of Wonder Woman in a rampant age of Zionist intervention, until I fully digested this piece. Intersectionality and it’s importance as a feminist includes the fight for Palestinian freedom which is part of the fight for racial justice. I cannot agree more with this piece.


9780811842334-us-300Though I’m not by any means an expert or anything, I was a historical consultant for one of the better documentaries out there on Wonder Woman, released long before there was even the hint of any hope for a Wonder Woman film—a role I began in 2008 for a film released in 2012. That’s not to validate the opinion that follows here, just to convey the fact that I’ve been thinking about Wonder Woman for quite some time. In fact, even much longer than that. The first “comic trade paperback” I ever read was probably the first publication that could rightly be called such–Gloria Steinem’s collected Golden Age Wonder Woman stories published in a bound volume of comic book-sized dimensions in the 1970s. Steinem considered the 40’s to be the most feminist Wonder Woman iteration, when the comic was still authored by creator, William Moulton Marston.

Marston was an unapologetic visionary…

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